A dental bridge can replace a single or several missing teeth to restore a smile damaged by tooth loss without requiring dental implants or a partial denture.

Bridges can be made from several different materials and come in a number of forms. This will depend on the location of tooth loss, overall oral health and the strength of teeth surrounding the missing tooth gap.

Different types of bridges

Traditional fixed bridge: This is used when you have two healthy teeth either side of the missing tooth gap. The bridge is then attached to these two gaps using crowns.

Cantilever bridge: If you have only one available healthy tooth next to your gap, a cantilever bridge can be used and a dental crown will be applied to just one tooth.

Maryland bridge: This bridge is best suited to gaps affecting the front teeth and is fixed into place using metal bands hidden behind the teeth.

All of our bridges are made to look and feel like natural teeth, to return the aesthetic appearance and function of your smile.

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