Nervous Patient

Nervous Patient

At Altmore Dental Care we understand that dental phobia is commonplace. Many of our patients attend for the first time with histories of bad experiences in the dental chair; notably dentists who failed to listen or understand their concerns and needs.

We pride ourselves on our ability to address and build confidence in the dental team.  A fully computerised imaging system allows discussion and photographic visualisation of procedures before treatment is carried out.

This gives patients the choice and information they need before deciding on a treatment option.
Our surgery layouts are designed to be as relaxing as possible. Patient care is augmented by providing both audio and visual accompaniment to all procedures.

For those patients that still find it too difficult to undergo treatment in a dental environment, our dental team is more than able to discuss options for all forms of dental work using various sedation methods. Both oral and intravenous sedation methods can be arranged.

By using a caring, understanding team as a bedrock for addressing dental phobias coupled with the above strategies we are sure that we can help even the most nervous patients overcome their concerns.

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