Dental Health Check

Dental Health Check

check upEvery dentist will tell you that you should have checkups regularly, however the reasons for this are rarely explained.

Between dental check ups decay can occur in teeth, fillings and crowns can leak, and scale will build up on teeth leading to gum disease. This can be avoided by having regular dental checkups, to ensure that any problems can be detected early and treated using relatively simple procedures.

Regularly checking teeth can ensure that any problems can be detected early be treated, using in most cases, relatively simple procedures.

Delaying checkups can cause gums to deteriorate and minor tooth problems to become more complex.

Every patient requires different intervals between their check ups. Patients who have never had dental work and have good oral hygiene may only need to be seen once a year. Other patients with increased needs may need to be seen up to four times a year.

For most patients visiting the dentist and hygienist twice a year will be enough. Patients have the opportunity to discuss their personalised treatment plan with the dentist before any work is commenced.

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