denturesDentures have been an effective solution for tooth loss for many years and can replace a complete set of missing teeth or gaps created by partial tooth loss.

Dentures can be created from a multitude of materials, including resin, acrylic, chrome and porcelain. They can enable a patient to eat, speak and smile again with confidence. Replacing missing teeth with dentures also provides the face with support, which prevents the cheeks and lips from sagging and hinders premature ageing.


This type of restorative treatment can be worn on the upper or lower jaws, with each denture custom-made to fit the patient’s oral measurements and condition. The appearance of dentures will also be bespoke to your smile, so your new teeth will look completely natural and no one will be able to notice that you are wearing dentures.

Partial dentures can be stabilised using metal clasps attached to surrounding teeth, but complete dentures can also be secured using dental implants.

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